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  • NYC Footy leagues are open to any player over the age of 18 at the time of the season’s first game.
  • All players must be listed on the team roster and have uniform numbers on file to be eligible. Exceptions are made should there be complications with league-provided jerseys.
  • Rosters can be adjusted throughout the first ½ of the season (default date). Seasonal roster freeze dates may be listed on the NYC Footy website and override default of season midpoint. Players cannot be added to teams past the date rosters are frozen, unless exceptions have been made on account of an unforeseen injury.
  • All players must sign a liability release waiver prior to any form of participation in any NYC Footy match.
  • Individual players may only play on one team in each division. However, players are free to join multiple divisions playing in different formats or different dates if available. (i.e. an individual cannot play on two coed division teams at the same time on Sundays, however the individual may join a Sunday coed division team and simultaneously join a different Sunday coed division team that plays at a different time.)
  • During the regular season, if (and only if) a team shows up with less than seven (7) players (but more than the five (5) required to avoid forfeit), the team may pick up up to three (3) non-roster substitute (to a max of 8 players), if and only if the non-roster substitute is a registered player in the NYC Footy league and has signed a waiver.
  • A one (1) goal penalty per non-roster substitute is applied to the offending team. For instance, if a team scores four (4) goals and used two non-roster substitutes, the final goal tally for that team is two (2) goals and not four (4).
  • Non-Roster substitutes are prohibited from playoff and championship games. No exceptions.


All games will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game issued by FIFA through USSF and are available for viewing at Modifications made in these by-laws supersede and/or supplement the Laws of the Game.


  • A full playing team is seven (7). A minimum of five (5) players is required to start and finish a match. Each coed 7v7 team must have at least two (2) females on the field at all times or shall be subject to playing down one or two players. Teams playing with one (1) female will play with six (6) total players. Teams playing with no (0) females will play with five (5) total players.
  • There is no off-side rule in NYC Footy.
  • All free kicks (including kick-offs, goal kicks, and corner kicks) are indirect except for penalty kicks.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a kickoff, a corner kick, a throw in, a goal kick, or a goal keeper throw. The ball must make contact with another player first (this includes the goalie).
  • Penalty kicks are taken at the top of the penalty box.  Keepers may move from side-to-side on the goal line, but not forward on a penalty kick. There is no limit to the amount of steps the offensive player takes prior to kicking the ball during a penalty kick.
  • Opposing teams must give all free kicks seven (7) yards of space immediately or a yellow card may be issued for delay of game.
  • There is no slide tackling allowed except by the keeper and only inside the keeper’s own penalty box. Any slide deemed dangerous/reckless by the referee will be penalized.
  • Substitutions are unlimited, and may be made on any dead ball. No substitutions on the fly. The referee shall be notified of all keeper changes or a yellow card may ensue at the referee’s discretion. All substitutions will be made from the same location for each team throughout the game (sideline or end line) as determined by the referee.
  • Yellow and red cards are issued under the same cardable offenses outlined by the USSF:
  • Yellow Card offenses: Players receiving a yellow card will have to sit out for 2 minutes of game time following the offense at the referee’s discretion. The offending player’s team cannot substitute for the offending player and must play a player down during the 2-minute penalty time.  If the offense is egregious enough, the referee can have a player sit for 5 minutes with 2 minutes of his/her team playing a man down.
  • Red Card Offenses: Players allotted a red card shall be immediately ejected from the game and must leave the field of play immediately for the remainder of the game.  The ejected player’s team must play down one player the remainder of the game down a player. A red card will result in a player suspension. This suspension will be a minimum of one full game. The suspension may be any length from one game to permanent, depending on the circumstances and severity of the situation.
  • Any player who is ejected from a game may be subject to further penalty if the offense committed warrants such penalty. Upon request by the referee or supervisor, ejected players may be called for a review by the NYC Footy board.
  • Any player who receives 2 red cards in a single season for violent play/misconduct during the season shall be suspended from NYC footy for the remainder of the season and/or longer depending on the gravity of offense. Suspension length will be decided by the NYC Footy board.
  • Any player who is involved in a fight is subject to suspension for the remainder of the season or banishment from the league, entirely.
  • Any player who initiates intentional physical contact upon a referee or a NYC Footy representative shall be banned from all NYC Footy programs.


  • All field players must wear their NYC Footy Jersey to avoid penalty. At the referee’s discretion, players not wearing their assigned NYC Footy Jersey may be required to sit out for 2 minutes at the start of the game. If multiple players on a team are not wearing their jersey, each must serve a 2-minute suspension; multiple suspensions can be served concurrently.
  • Goal Keepers must wear a different color jersey easily identifiable by the referee. Keeper Jerseys may be provided by the NYC Footy
  • All players must wear soccer appropriate footwear to play. No metal or steel cleats or spikes are allowed.
  • A #5 game ball will be provided for game play. Teams should bring their own balls for warm up.


  • 6v6 and 7v7 DIVISIONS will have 22-25 minute halves with up to a five (5) minute break at half time.
  • Clock will run continuously and the half and game shall end at the expiration of time.


  • Teams have till five minutes from the start of actual start time to field at least five (5) players or the team will have forfeited the game.  However, there may be some occasions when games will not be started on time. Forfeit time on these occasions will be when the officials call both teams to start the game.
  • Forfeits with advanced notice or called the day of due to shortage of players will be treated as a 5-0 loss.  Forfeits as a result of an entire team not showing up and not notifying the league in advance will be treated as a 10-0 loss. Multiple forfeits can result in suspension from future leagues and those teams may not be permitted to register in future seasons.



  • All players will be checked according to team roster.
  • All players will be checked for shin guards.
  • If the score is tied with 2 minutes left in the game the referee will notify both teams that at the end of regulation, the referee will yell out overtime.  Teams will not change sides and the game will continue until the end of the five-minute period.  This period is not sudden death/golden goal and goes the full five minutes.
  • If the game is tied after the five (5) minute overtime, both teams will proceed to penalty kicks.

Penalty Kicks

  • First five players with Male-Female-Male-Female-Male procedure
  • If tied after the first five then it goes one-on-one and it starts Female-Male, until there is a winner.
  • Females go in order and then repeat in order
  • The ball is placed on the top of the box and players can take as many steps toward the ball as they want.
  • The keeper can move from side-to-side on the goal line, but cannot move forward until the ball is kicked.
  • Everyone else should be outside the box and behind the kicker
  • There is no yelling while the kick is taking place



Schedules will be posted prior to the beginning of the season. Games are played rain or shine. Games will only be canceled due to hazardous weather conditions (lightning, severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning, hurricanes…) or hazardous field conditions. NYC Footy weather hotline (347) 90-FOOTY (347-903-6689) will provide up to date details in case of game cancellation, and team managers will be notified.


League points will be appointed as follows:

Win = 3 points

Draw = 1 point

Loss = 0 points


In the event of a tie, the following tie breakers will be used:

  1. League goal differential.
  2. League total goals scored
  3. League Points in head to head competition in games between tied teams
  4. Goal differential in head to head competition in games between tied teams
  5. Goals Scored in head to head competition in games between tied teams
  6. Coin flip – in the event that tie breaker reaches a coin flip, contending teams will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of coin flip time and location. Teams can send a representative witness to coin flip.


  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on any field. We will be hosting off-field events with drink specials at neighboring bars. Please reserve your drinking to the bars, not the field.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted at all NYC Footy sanctioned event.
  • Clean up after yourselves! Please help keep our NYC parks clean. Don’t leave empty water bottles, trash, or other items behind. Teams leaving messes will receive a warning on first offense followed by a loss of league points for future offenses.
  • NYC Footy is a fun adult recreational league for all to enjoy. Please help us keep a fair and positive vibe on and off the field.